Party In The Back
Armed with mops, buckets, and Google Maps, celebrated skateboarder Tino Razo and his friends have been hunting abandoned backyard swimming pools across LA's sprawling cityscape for years. A self-taught photographer, Tino began documenting their skate sessions almost immediately, capturing relics of pools lost or destroyed. Tino and his friends evolved from skaters in search of the next spot to suburban archeologists exploring a decaying American dream. Razo's new photo book Party In The Back resurrects the long-forgotten spaces and places Tino encountered during his first years living in Los Angeles. The Anthology Files crew traveled to LA to meet Razo and tour the city's surreal, architectural underbelly celebrated in Razo's work.
This episode features music from NapolianCo LaBali HighTairiq & GarfieldRamsesTallesen, and Suicideyear.