Preorder Now: Travels Over Feeling: Arthur Russell, a Life

We are truly humbled to be releasing Travels Over Feeling, a landmark publication celebrating the life and work of Arthur Russell assembled by critically-acclaimed writer Richard King and published with Faber & Faber in the UK. The book collects the extensive ephemera found in Russell’s New York Public Library archive, along with pieces from the … Continued

Out Now: Träd, Gräs och Stenar: A Collective History

The story of the legendary Swedish psych rock band Träd, Gräs och Stenar is also a defining story of alternative culture. Across multiple incarnations, the musicians of this iconic group (whose name translates to “Trees, Grass and Stones”) have drawn on their roots in jazz and the avant-garde, the iconoclastic art and theater of the … Continued

Out Now: Evidence for Contact

“This book, like the art practice it documents, is a testament to possibilities, but it is also a reassurance: even if, despite the overwhelming odds, the aliens do not exist among the star fields of the cosmos, they have found a home in the works of Ken Grimes.” – Seth Shostak (Senior Astronomer, SETI) The … Continued

Out Now: Suppose You Met A Witch

In 1973, artist and illustrator Ed Emberley had been prolifically creating children’s books for more than a decade when he conceived his most ambitious project to date. Suppose You Met a Witch, featuring Emberley’s signature woodcuts at their most lavish, is considered by many to be the beloved artist’s masterpiece. Sadly, the book was not … Continued

Out Now: Sunken Heights

We are delighted to announce the debut book from acclaimed musician Elias B. Rønnenfelt, lead singer and lyricist of Iceage. Available worldwide July 18th! Sunken Heights is a work of poetry in a grand tradition: a quest in verse through reverie and observation, equal parts enigmatically abstracted and grittily real. Designed in collaboration and featuring … Continued

Fifteen Further: Celebrating 15 Years of Mexican Summer

WE ARE 15 To celebrate, we’ll be hosting a series of shows from September through November in NYC, LA, Paris, and Mexico City that will bring a bunch of the label roster together, including Connan Mockasin, L’Rain, Cate Le Bon, Devendra Barnhart, Fauzia, Iceage, Hayden Pedigo and more. Get Tickets Anniversary Edition Represses In addition … Continued

Out Now: LSD Worldpeace

Originally published in 2015, this newly redesigned edition documents the extraordinary creativity and scrappy methods of Roberts’s early career, replete with collages, action figures, and dioramas, in addition to the paintings for which he’s become so celebrated. With introductory texts by Myla DalBesio and Matthew Ronay, LSD Worldpeace is the product of a wildly imaginative … Continued

Out Now: Empire Roller Disco

Brooklyn’s Empire Rollerdrome opened its doors in 1941 and soon became the borough’s premier destination for recreational and competitive roller skating. But it wasn’t until the late 1970s that the celebrated rink reached iconic status by replacing its organist with a live DJ, installing a state of the art sound and light system, and renaming … Continued

Out Now: Skydance

Anthology is honored to announce the next book in our DREAMERS collection: Skydance, adapted from Faith Hubley’s now-classic animated film and reprinted for the first time since its release in 1981. We are the creatures of the skyWe jumpWe whirlO dancingWe are dancingBelly floatingSky swimmingCrackle crackle zing hello The sky creatures reach out and invite … Continued