ARC Mix Vol. 25: Feel The Music – Part One (Paul Major)


After stints playing in bands in St. Louis and Los Angeles, Paul Major moved to New York in 1978 and spent the next few years embroiled in the city’s explosive punk scene (most notably as part of the proto-speed metal band the Sorcerers). All the while, he found himself cultivating an extensive knowledge of rare and bizarre LPs. As his expertise in obscure collecting grew, Paul began a mail-order LP business, and his catalogs soon became must-reads for their mixture of hard-won crate-digging knowledge and witty, one-of-a-kind music writing—holy texts for psychedelic lifers the world over. Starting in 1997, Paul put his decades of experience to work as the singer and guitarist of the band Endless Boogie, whose skewed, no-frills take on rock has renewed his status as a preeminent voice on the farthest, weirdest margins of popular music.

  1. Stonewall - Outer Spaced
  2. Clap - Out Of The Shadows
  3. Dark - Maypole
  4. Darius - I Feel The Need To Carry On
  5. Bent Wind - Riverside
  6. D.R. Hooker - This Thing
  7. Damon - Song Of A Gypsy
  8. Pussy - Comets
  9. Marcus - City Of In Between
  10. Crash Coffin - Alone Together
  11. Jade Stone & Luv - Reality
  12. Fraction - Come Out Of Her
  13. Cosmic Michael - Theme
  14. New Dawn - Life Goes On
  15. Michael Farneti - Movie Star
  16. Cold Sun - Here In The Year
  17. Arcesia - White Panther
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