Anthology Lobby Residency @ Ace Hotel Brooklyn

Anthology has assembled an eclectic and spiritually aligned mix of DJs, collectors, musicians, and labels to take over the booth at Ace Hotel Brooklyn once a week from May through June. Our staff will be taking over the decks on May 11th, and closing out the series on June 28th. See you there!

May 3 – Sara A.
Sara A. is a Puerto Rican born/Miami raised artist, musician and DJ based in NYC. She currently hosts a weekly radio show on WFMU and a monthly show on NTS. Her radio work focuses on less heard voices in punk, post punk and beyond, with a particular emphasis on femme-fronted music from around the world.

May 17 – Evan Woodward
Hounding records since the late 90s, and handling new vinyl buying at Strictly Discs in Madison, WI since 2010, selector Evan Woodward has been a fixture in the ears of fellow record freaks since anyone can remember, playing esoteric parties and events (and bars) around Wisconsin and beyond. Evan’s style is restless and eclectic, always focused on a trail of curiosity, tripping over the roots that connect jazz, dance, and pop with traditional and DIY musics from all over the world; honoring a penchant for ambient anthems, sorrowful laments, percussion-forward jamming, capital C Cosmic, and the moments of raw emotion that turn up on record when you least expect them.

May 24 – Matt McDermott
Matthew McDermott is a writer, DJ, A&R and music fan living in Los Angeles. He’s held a monthly show on LA community radio station Dublab since 2015, alongside longrunning residencies at the Ace Hotel DTLA, the Gold Line record bar and various gigs in London, Berlin and Rio. Previously a writer and editor at the electronic music magazine Resident Advisor, McDermott now works full-time for Mexican Summer/Anthology. He also plays music with Jessica Pratt.

May 31 – Palto Flats
Palto Flats is a record label based out of NYC specializing in idiomatic forms of pop, electronic and experimental music. Reissues and new material. Jacob will play selections from his collection.

June 7th – Arp
Arp’s selections showcase a predilection for leftfield styles, a freeform approach to genre, and an inclination towards the expansive, focusing on rare grooves, classics, new productions and obscurities with a worldwide perspective.

June 14 – Patience/Impatience
Patience and Impatience are twin imprints running out of New York. Slow burning since 2019, Patience is an outlet for extended explorations down one or two sonic rabbit holes, an invitation for artists to stretch out and delve deeper and longer than they might ordinarily, to get lost in repetition and evolution as long as a standard piece of wax can handle. Impatience was birthed in 2022 as a counterpoint to Patience and is home to more standard length, time-poor fare. The two imprints run in tandem without ties to any particular genres, with each release presented in LP and digital format.Patience/Impatience is a resident on The Lot Radio, and DJ sets typically run the gamut of many musics that could be loosely considered psychedelic.

June 21 – Paul Major
Paul Major was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1954, placing him squarely in the generational path of rock ‘n roll’s mighty wave: fuzz guitar first blew his mind at age 12, and he hasn’t looked back since. After stints playing in bands in St. Louis and Los Angeles, he moved to New York in 1978 and spent the next few years embroiled in the city’s explosive punk scene (most notably as part of the proto-speed metal band the Sorcerers). All the while, he found himself cultivating an extensive knowledge of rare and bizarre LPs. As his expertise in obscure collecting grew, Paul began a mail-order LP business, and his catalogs soon became must-reads for their mixture of hard-won crate-digging knowledge and witty, one-of-a-kind music writing—holy texts for psychedelic lifers the world over. Starting in 1997, Paul put his decades of experience to work as the singer and guitarist of the band Endless Boogie, whose skewed, no-frills take on rock has renewed his status as a preeminent voice on the farthest, weirdest margins of popular music. These days, Paul can be found DJing around NYC and talking about records on his podcast, The Private Press with Paul Major.

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