Anthology Editions: John Ingham – Spirit of 76

When punk first broke in the UK in 1976, music journalist John Ingham was on hand to document the rupture and the rowdiness. Fascinated by the music, fashion, and intrinsic iconoclasm of a little-known outfit called the Sex Pistols, Ingham conducted the band’s first interview, partied with its members, and even bailed Sid Vicious out … Continued

ARC Docs Vol. 4: Ilian – Love Me Crazy

Paul Major sets his sights on Flagstaff, Arizona to visit Leon Nahat — aka Ilian — in his natural habitat for the latest edition of Anthology Recordings’ documentary series. Celebrating the release of Ilian’s long lost 70’s album, Love Me Crazy, the documentary shares the intimate sensibility of the series precursor while defining Ilian as … Continued

ARC Docs Vol. 2: Michael Angelo

Anthology ventured to Kansas City to meet Michael Angelo and hear the story of how his remarkable 1977, self-titled record came into existence. The three days we spent with him have been distilled into an 11-minute short film, expertly directed by Jordan Redaelli. We hope you will enjoy this snapshot into Michael’s world as much … Continued