Still Life

For decades, photographer Kate Sterlin has made an artistic practice of examining the boundaries between individual, family, and community. In her first book, Still Life: Photographs & Love Stories, she delivers a meditation on love and its ability to weather the brutal specificities of life, death, family and race in America. Pairing intimate photographs with … Continued


Over the past decade, artist Emma Kohlmann has harnessed the expressive possibilities of watercolor to develop an astonishing and intimate practice. In the resounding fluidity of her paintings, Kohlmann maps the lineaments and concavities of embodied moments with exquisite sensitivity, celebrating a sensuality freed from analysis and disabusing gender and the human body of their … Continued

Travels Over Feeling

The music of Arthur Russell defies classification. From his pioneering compositions as part of New York’s vibrant avant-garde scene (alongside artists including Phillip Glass, David Byrne, Laurie Anderson, John Cage, and Allen Ginsberg) to his genre-expanding disco productions, from his new wave and art pop to his posthumously released folk songs, Russell crafted timeless and … Continued

Träd, Gräs och Stenar

The story of the legendary Swedish psych rock band Träd, Gräs och Stenar is also a defining story of alternative culture. Across multiple incarnations, the musicians of this iconic group (whose name translates to “Trees, Grass and Stones”) have drawn on their roots in jazz and the avant-garde, the iconoclastic art and theater of the … Continued

Evidence for Contact

The paintings of Ken Grimes are strikingly honest, deceptively simple, and decidedly interstellar. Over several decades, Grimes has developed his singular style—using text, numbers, outer space iconography, and geometric shapes painted primarily in stark black and white—to prompt his audience to consider the possibilities and implications of alien contact with earth. Influenced by the proliferation … Continued

Suppose You Met a Witch

Would you like to meet a witch? What would happen if she popped you into a sack and stole you away? In illustrating Ian Serraillier’s striking poem, Ed Emberley shows us what took place when such a thing happened to two clever and resourceful children. Anthology is thrilled to present 1973’s Suppose You Met a … Continued

Sunken Heights

The debut book from acclaimed musician Elias B. Rønnenfelt, Sunken Heights is a work of poetry in a grand tradition: a quest in verse through reverie and observation, equal parts enigmatically abstracted and grittily real. Designed in collaboration and featuring original artwork from Elizabeth Peyton and presented in both the original Danish text and Rønnenfelt’s … Continued

LSD Worldpeace

The paintings, drawings, and mixed-media works of Joe Roberts are transportive in the cosmic sense. Through their intuitive blend of styles and subjects, they serve as portals into a welcomingly hallucinatory world: a place where gleeful mashups of childhood signifiers (comic book detritus, cartoon mascots) exist cozily alongside countercultural reference points (ouija boards, sci-fi paperbacks, … Continued

Blacklips: Her Life and Her Many, Many Deaths

In Blacklips: Her Life and Her Many, Many Deaths, ANOHNI and co-editor Marti Wilkerson lay bare the archives of the Blacklips Performance Cult, the extraordinary theatrical collective that emerged from the queer underground in the midst of the AIDS crisis in NYC. Featuring photographs, scripts, images from newly digitized film and video recordings, texts from … Continued


We are the creatures of the sky We jump We whirl O dancing We are dancing Belly floating Sky swimming Crackle crackle zing hello The sky creatures reach out and invite a child to join them in a swirling, joyous, celestial celebration. A tribute to life on other planets is brought to life in Faith … Continued